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**We will be accepting homeowners applications starting February 1st, 2018.**
**You can access the application here at that time.**


If you, your family or someone you know, is in need of decent affordable housing, please contact West Pasco Habitat for Humanity to apply. We will gladly walk you through the application process and provide information on the availability, size and cost of Habitat homes in West Pasco.

Prospective homeowners qualify for the Homeownership program based on need, ability to pay and willingness to partner with West Pasco Habitat.

Need: There must be need in their housing situation.

For example: unsafe neighborhood, unsanitary conditions, children of different sex sharing a bedroom, leaking roof or windows, rent of more than 30% of their income or other problematic factors.

Ability to pay: West Pasco Habitat for Humanity does not just give homes to people. We sell the houses to our prospective homeowners at an affordable monthly rate while we hold the mortgage ourselves. The payment of our houses cannot be more than 30% of the household income. It is required for all prospective homeowners to attend a Financial Workshop.

Willingness to partner: Each adult within the household must complete 200 sweat equity hours. Meaning they work as a Habitat volunteer for 200 hours, a minimum of 50 hours on their own home and the remaining 150 either in the garden, ReStore, other construction sites or in the administrative office before they can close on their home


Habitat for Humanity offers low-income families the opportunity to own a home. Becoming a Habitat homeowner requires commitment, responsibility and deep involvement.

In order to partner with us, you must meet the following preliminary criteria:

  1. You must be a Legal Permanent Resident of the United States.
  2. You must have lived or worked in our county for at least 12 months. 
  3. Your yearly income must fall within our income guidelines, which are adjusted for family size (refer to Income Table on the Selection Criteria page). Income includes wages, Social Security, disability, SSI, TANF and child support.
  4. You must have one year of continuous income.
  5. You must have a reasonably good credit history. It must be at least two years since you discharged any bankruptcies, and you must be making payments on your debts.
  6. You must have a need for housing because your current housing is unaffordable, unsafe, or overcrowded.
  7. You must partner with Habitat for Humanity and contribute "sweat equity," helping to build your home as well as other families' homes, and attend a minimum of 10 educational workshops. All families must complete a total of 200 hours.

If you meet these criteria, then please call us for more information.


**We will be accepting homeowners applications starting February 1st, 2018.**
**You can access the application here at that time.**