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Town and Country Villas Neighborhood Revitalization
Leisure Lane and Van Doren Ave


This is a neighborhood composed of only two streets with a notoriously dark past and seemingly dim future. Town and Country Villas Subdivision is tucked away between multimillion dollar properties and a booming shopping plaza. Unfortunately, this neighborhood is at a cultural standstill resistant to the vision of making New Port Richey a better place to live.

As you walk through the neighborhood you get an overwhelming sense of hopelessness. The evidence of drug use and prostitution litter the ground. Million dollar condominiums tower over run down, condemned rental units and homeless camps are set up on vacant lots. Poverty in the area is generational and has left residents feeling there is no way out. 

Homeownership is a crucial foundation for helping low-income individuals and families find the path out of poverty. West Pasco Habitat for Humanity  will pave the way for individuals and families in the Town and Country Villas community to live the American dream. When people move out of substandard housing and into quality, affordable homes it improves their health, success, safety and personal wealth



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